About the Artist

Lee Colpi was born and raised in Saint Louis, Missouri, and has since lived in the New England area and now in Chicago, Illinois. He spent most of his adult life as a husband and father of six, working in medical communication for various agencies as well as his own. Lee currently lives with his wife, Anne, in Northfield, Illinois.

Throughout his life, Lee has enjoyed painting. Although he has no formal art training, whether as a hobby, for a charity, commissioned works, or art for general sale, Lee has always enjoyed painting oil-on-canvas portraits of people, children, animals, houses... you name it.

Indeed, it is through seeing other's enjoyment of his art that Lee derives much of his own pleasure from his created work... but, just as important for Lee, is that his work brings joy to others.

The works of Lee Colpi capture personality and life in every portrait, regardless of whether the oil painting is an older couple, children, grandchildren, cottage, or building. The artist is offering the viewer a feeling of the way things are in a point in time when peacefulness and harmony reign and our fast-paced world is captured in a happy moment in time.